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Texts by others:
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Katya Sander: Monument
by Libeth Bonde and Mette Sandbye, in "Manual til samtidskunst", Gyldendal, 2007.
(in Danish only).
Download pdf here.

Private hedges, capitalist rashes, toilets and feminist graffiti
By Lars Bang Larsen
published in Frieze, issue 103, Nov. Dec. 2006
Download pdf here.

Katya Sander
By Magdalena Malm
published in 'Svenska Hjärtan', published by Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 2004.
Download pdf here.

Was ist Öffentlichkeit? –Dispositive Workshop 03
By Judith Schwartzbart
published in 'Collected Newsletters', published by München Kunstverein, München, 2004.
Download pdf here.

By Lars Bang Larsen
published in [a-n] Artists Newsletter, U.K., Jan. 2003.

In Translation
By Benjamin Young
published in ’Social Sectors’, catalogue for the exhibition, Vienna / New York, 2002.
Download pdf here.

The Politics of Space. Double Cinema and the Installations of Katya Sander
By Simon Sheikh, published in ’AUSSENDIENST’, Hamburg, 2001.

Short Text on Katya Sander
By Lene Crone
published in Konst Beeld , Amsterdam, 1998.

Some reviews:
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Artforum, Summer 2005

by Nina Möntmann, on "The Most Complicated Machines Are Made of Words" at MuMoK / Museum Moderner Kunst TSiftung Ludwig Wien.
Download pdf here.

Artforum, January 2001
by Wolf Jahn, on "AUSEENDIENST".
Download pdf here.

Art/Text, January-April 1999
by Lars Bang Larsen, on "Safety Guarantee" at MFKOKM, fall 1998.
Download pdf here.